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Eminent domain – what does it mean?

The link light rail is currently planned to expand, extending east into Bellevue with long-term goals of extending to Lynnwood.   With the expansion of the link light rail, some owners are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory: their property or a portion of their property is being taken under eminent domain. What is eminent domain? It […]

The Masquerade – Not Just Fun and Games Anymore

This article discusses a pretty frightening trend in fraud called masquerading.  Masquerading involves someone outside the company mimicking the email address and related information in an email request for an electronic payment, or other things.  It looks just like “the real thing,” but will have some slight variations.  The article does a good job of […]

What is deductible on my closing statement?

It’s no secret that the real estate market is heating up again. It’s easy to confirm this by the number of cranes I can see from Clark Nuber’s downtown Bellevue office. With the real estate market finally on the rebound, it’s a great time to consider selling or purchasing property. Spring is the highest residential […]

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