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The Top Five Things You Need to Know to Prepare for the New Tangible Property Regulations

By now you have likely heard about the new tangible property regulations. These new rules, which were a decade in the making and are almost 400 pages long, are expected to affect every taxpayer that uses tangible property in its business. The rules are complex and their impact is widespread. We at Clark Nuber are […]

Fraud Lessons Learned – The Barry Minkow Case

International Fraud Awareness Week is drawing to a close. In the spirit of understanding history so we are not doomed to repeat it, I would like to share one more post this week. Like a Swiss Army knife, this story has a little bit of everything. If you’d like to read about a case involving […]

The Rise of Forensic Accounting

This week is International Fraud Awareness Week.  The business of fraud has been going on for ages, but the general practice of forensic accounting was only really formalized about 100 years ago.  The following infographic, produced by New England College’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies, takes you through a forensic accounting journey that starts with […]

Set the Tone, Don’t Break It

Earlier this year, I attended a workshop where the discussion leader used this music video to demonstrate the power of social media. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a terrific demonstration of what not to do when it comes to setting a positive, winning tone at the top. You […]

Ponzi – The Man and the Scheme

A common fraud scheme that typically makes the news is known as a Ponzi scheme.  Have you ever wondered why a Ponzi scheme has that name?  Did you know that it was named after a famous fraudster named Charles Ponzi? The family of schemes known as Ponzi schemes has lasted long after Charles Ponzi departed […]

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