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Myth #1-Cash is “safe” Reality Check-Money Market, Savings Accounts, T-Bills, and Cash under the mattress are all considered cash equivalents. These are great vehicles for short-term investments or emergency accounts.  These are not the best vehicles for long-term investments since you have inflation working against you and may have negative returns after taxes and inflation.  […]

Posted by: Megan Ryan

By Megan Ryan, CPA Beginning in calendar year 2015, certain employers must comply with the Affordable Care Act requirement to offer health insurance to full time employees. In conjunction with this requirement, employers are required to report to both employees and the Internal Revenue Service specific information related to the health insurance made available to […]

Posted by: Pete Miller

By Pete Miller, CPA, CFE Fraud continues to be a rampant epidemic and a terrible economic reality.  If occupational fraud were a country it would have a national economy ranking in the top-10 across the globe. For a lot of not-for-profit organizations (NFPs), resources available for robust internal controls and fraud prevention measures are quite […]

By Jennifer Becker Harris, CPA New international tax developments over the last six months will affect U.S. charities and provide welcomed relief in some areas and added compliance in others. The following is a summary. Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) What is a PFIC? A foreign corporation is a PFIC if: 75% or more of […]

If you are part of organization that is audited or have been involved in audits with a prior organization, you understand that audits can cause a significant amount of stress and anxiety. This is especially true when there are audit adjustments or other deficiencies identified and an internal control letter is issued to the governing […]

Posted by: Julie Eisenhauer

By Julie Eisenhauer, CPA On May 28th, under a joint project, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued their new standards for accounting for revenue under contracts with customers. Why the New Standard? Currently, U.S Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) include many revenue recognition requirements across many specific […]

Posted by: Dan Wright

By Dan Wright, CPA Many start-up companies use convertible debt as a way to attract short-term investment. Convertible debt has appeal to investors because it can provide enhanced risk protection, while at the same time allowing for participation in the appreciation of the company as the value of the stock increases. It has appeal for […]

Posted by: Amber Busch

By Amber Busch, CPA For years the IRS has tried to wrap its arms around rules related to capitalization vs. deductible repairs and supplies for tangible property. In September 2013 the IRS issued the Final Tangible Property Regulations, two years after issuance of the proposed regulations. For many, the final regulations provide a more generous […]

Posted by: Sarah Wine

By Sarah Wine, CPA As an employee at a not-for-profit organization required to have an annual audit, you know that audit preparation and audit fieldwork can be overwhelming and time consuming. However, by implementing the following 10 tips on preparing for a successful audit (plus 5 bonus tips for those preparing for a federal compliance […]

Posted by: Joe Haberzetle

By Joe Haberzetle, JD, LLM The ability of not-for-profit organizations to rent their tax-exempt property to others has long been an area of contention between such organizations and the Washington taxing authorities, as evidenced by last year’s uproar over the highly acclaimed Everett Sausage Festival. The rules in this area are detailed, varying and confusing, […]

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