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“California Attorney General sued directors and officers of Monterey County AIDS Project…Settlement created $1M fund plus barred 16 former officers and directors from serving as a fiduciary of any California charity for at least 5 years.” From the Office of the Attorney General, State of California Unfortunately, the above or similar types of headlines are […]

Posted by: Shawn Hansen

By Shawn Hansen, CPA Pre-Approved 403(b) Plans In a previous article, I provided readers with an overview of a new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) program that will review and approve certain types of 403(b) plan documents known as pre-approved plans. This article provides readers with some additional details of the program including when the IRS […]

Posted by: Amber Busch

By Amber Busch, CPA Tenancy in common (TIC) is an ownership arrangement in which two or more parties jointly own property, and title is held individually to the extent of each party’s interest. Unlike a partnership interest, TIC interest, can be exchanged in a tax deferred exchange. The validity of the TIC status is imperative […]

The way we use technology for our business needs has changed dramatically in the past five years. Personally, I read emails on my phone throughout the day whether I’m near my laptop or not. In fact, I probably read the majority of my emails on the go compared to the days, which don’t seem that […]

Posted by: Karen Dunn

By Karen Dunn, JD, LLM Some small employers are finding themselves in a conundrum in 2014. This year, premiums eligible for the small business health care tax credit must be for qualified health plans (QHP) offered through a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Exchange. However, some counties in some states do not yet offer […]

Posted by: Megan Ryan

By Megan Ryan, CPA To avoid penalties, employers should take steps now to ensure that they are in compliance with the ACA requirements by the time open enrollment begins during the latter part of 2014. The penalty will be assessed on employers that do not offer health insurance to employees that meets the minimum requirements […]

Posted by: Deby MacLeod

By Deby MacLeod, CPA Not-for-Profit recipients of Federal awards have been awaiting sweeping changes from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the past two years, and the OMB delivered. On December 26, 2013, the OMB issued its new uniform guidance that changes the landscape of the administrative requirements, cost principles and Federal compliance […]

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