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Posted by: Karen Ledbetter · Dec 7, 2015

As many architecture and engineering firms know, the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide has been a useful resource to develop Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)-compliant indirect cost rates since its last update in 2012.

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Posted by: Jeff Pannell · Dec 2, 2015

THE DREAM of many business-owning families is to pass the enterprise on to the next generation and see it invest its collective talents in growing and developing the company. In many cases,

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Posted by: Rick Cooley · Nov 15, 2015

On November 12, 2015, Rick Cooley presented a tax update during Clark Nuber’s Tangible Property Regulations seminar. The update included information on federal legislative developments and challenges that can impact businesses.

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Posted by: Clark Nuber Oct 27, 2015

RECENT DOWNTURNS in the stock market may have you cringing, but there is more to wealth management than rebalancing portfolios. Here are our top 10 wealth management tips. Some you may have heard of before,

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Posted by: Matt Medlin · Sep 25, 2015

STARTUP ENTREPRENEURS are right to focus their time and energy on creating the great products and services that will build a company to its best exit point, whether it’s an initial public offering (IPO) or a strategic acquisition.

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Posted by: Clark Nuber Aug 27, 2015

With increasing globalization, even small businesses and startups can have a worldwide footprint. This is especially true in technology, where intellectual property is the heart of the business and can easily –

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Posted by: Clark Nuber Jul 28, 2015

In many cases, board members graciously donate their time and effort to further the cause of their chosen charitable organizations. The last thing on their minds is becoming involved in a nasty lawsuit or related litigation.

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Posted by: Matt Medlin · Jul 16, 2015

Thanks to digital technology, the world just keeps getting smaller. It’s easier than ever for companies to develop business and sell products outside the United States. Companies should definitely consider every opportunity to profit abroad,

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Posted by: Candi Avery · Jul 15, 2015

In response to the 2004 Senate hearings regarding numerous not-for-profit scandals, the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector was convened to come up with principles of self-regulation for the industry. The result of the Panel’s work: 33 principles that act as best practices for board governance.

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Posted by: Clark Nuber Jul 15, 2015

This survey asked not-for-profit leaders to consider both actual results and future expectations about the economy, their industry, and their organizations. Participants were also asked about trends and strategies, as well as goals and challenges for 2015.

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