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By Sarah Wine, CPA

As auditors of not-for-profit organizations, we are often asked what policies are critical for organizations. Though much depends on the type and size of the organization,

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Posted by: Karen Dunn in Federal Awards.

By Karen Dunn, JD, LLM

More due diligence and reporting is required than ever before for grant making and, in particular, foreign grants and programs. To maintain its exempt status,

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By Julie Eisenhauer, CPA

A lawsuit was recently settled for $62 million in which the employees accused the employer of mismanaging their 401(k) plan. The lawsuit stated that the employer hid excessive fees and invested in conservative investments that resulted in diminished investment returns for plan participants. 

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in Fraud.

We live in a world where time and resources are at a premium.  As a result, some responsibilities get pushed to the “back burner.”  However, we also live in a world where the possibility for employee fraud is real,  

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By Sarah Gustafson, CPA, MBT

Billions of dollars will pour into donor advised funds (DAFs) during 2015. Millions of those dollars will flow out to not-for-profits. Could any of that money flow to your organization?

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But you’ll want to wait before you start celebrating.

The President signed the legislation, titled “Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014,” on December 19, 2014. The legislation provides for retroactive temporary extension of select laws that impact donors and the charities they support.

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By Vincent Stevens, CPA, CGMA

The federal grantor arrives for a monitoring visit and just like clockwork, the first thing that is requested is the organization’s policies and procedures.

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