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Posted by: Julie Eisenhauer

By Julie Eisenhauer, CPA Are your company’s financial matters in order? Have you adequately addressed its financial risks? These are important questions your company should be answering regularly to address financial matters and enhance business value. A strong financial house supports growth and sustainability – enhancing the value of a business. The following are key areas […]

For a company to maximize its value and be truly successful, it must compete in a significantly sized marketplace wherein its products/services are meaningfully unique and the marketplace appreciates this differentiation. For example, while commanding a large position in an addressable, though insignificant, marketplace may provide a business owner with a livable income, it is […]

Posted by: Candi Avery

Candi Avery, CPA, CGMA Up until now, there has not been guidance related to going concern analysis and financial statement disclosure requirements in U.S. GAAP. Existing guidance has been embedded in the auditing standards, which have always required that auditors, not management, evaluate an organization’s ability to continue as a going concern for a reasonable […]

Posted by: Karen Dunn

By Karen Dunn, JD, LLM Typical year-end tax planning advice for individuals and corporations expounds on the virtues of accelerating deductions and deferring income. Charities and private foundations would be wise to consider the possible impact this advice may have on donations. It appears likely that income tax rates will drop under a GOP-controlled executive […]

Competition is good for business, right? Perhaps, but what if your business’ superior product, cost structure advantage, or intellectual property protection result in your company having an “unfair advantage” over the competition? Or, what if another business has that unfair advantage over you? Does your company have barriers to entry that keep the competition in […]

By Anthony “Skip” Smith, CPA Typical year-end tax planning advice expounds on the virtues of accelerating deductions and deferring income, where opportunities are both possible and economically viable. With the prospect of early 2017 GOP control in both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, the strategy takes on a higher sense of […]

By guest contributor Jon Deex, NextLevel Over-dependence on one customer, or a small handful of customers, can leave a business vulnerable to sudden downturns, or spikes in revenue and volume, that are difficult to manage. Companies with concentration on a single customer, such as aerospace suppliers to Boeing or consultant/contractors to large software and web […]

Posted by: Karen Dunn

By Karen Dunn, JD, LLM Your charity just received a donation of a painting valued at $6,000. You have diligently sent the donor a thank you note that includes all the information that an acknowledgment must have for the donor to take a charitable deduction. That is a very good habit, but is that all […]

Branding is closely tied to any conversation regarding product differentiation. The stronger your company is in both of these areas, the greater the value of your enterprise. Coca-Cola represents a good example of this point. When Coca-Cola was first introduced into the marketplace, there were many other soda producers competing for marketshare. The challenge for […]

By Guest Contributor, Dean Kato “Our sales team has achieved 5% year-over-year growth every year for the past three years. We’re very pleased…” But should we be? You’ve likely heard the saying, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” While there is a great deal of controversy regarding whether or not a growing economy results in individual […]

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