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Rounding the Bases: Tone at the Top Goes Beyond Fraud Prevention

Tone at the top is a very powerful fraud prevention tool, but it is also one of the most difficult to introduce into an ongoing business. Like many internal controls and cultural elements, the impact of tone at the top stretches far beyond detecting errors and fraud. A solid tone from the top executives can drive more efficient operations, better communication and, in many cases, improved operational results and profitability.

A prime example from the sports world

As the major league baseball season fast approaches, the Seattle Mariners are starting to demonstrate their tone at the top. Speaking as a (long-suffering) fan of the team,

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IRS Phishing/Phone Scam Warning Hits Home for This Tax Accountant

The IRS Tax Tip 2016-19 on scam calls and emails issued on February 12, 2016, was timely and actionable – especially to me, as a mother of an adult son with autism. Individuals with intellectual disabilities are at greater risk of falling prey to these criminals.

Our son received these scam calls at our home and they were not only aggressive, they were persistent. They were willing to give me a phone number, a name, and a badge number. They did not back down when I told them I was a tax accountant and I knew they were fraudsters  ̶  they called repeatedly.

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Remodeling or Refreshing Your Restaurant or Retail Establishment? You May be Able to Deduct Costs through a Safe Harbor

With the start of a new year, many restaurant and retail businesses create budgets and develop plans to refresh their facilities to meet the changing needs of consumers.

If your establishment is among those planning (or already undertaken) a remodel or refresh, I have some good news for you.

The Internal Revenue Service has recently issued a revenue procedure that provides a safe harbor method of accounting for certain expenditures incurred in remodeling or refreshing of restaurant and retail establishments.

The safe harbor clarifies which costs may be deducted immediately and which must be capitalized and depreciated over time.

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