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Microsoft Suppliers: How Might Changes to the Supplier Security and Privacy Program Affect You?

If you’re a supplier for Microsoft who handles sensitive information, you are likely well aware of the Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance program (SSPA).

The SSPA’s Data Protection Requirements (DPR) recently received an update that represents a significant change to the contents and direction of the program. The revision was intended to update the previous framework for the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming out of the EU, which will be effective in May, 2018.

As a result, the revised framework has some new requirements, which suppliers need to be aware of to remain compliant. In addition, other existing requirements were clarified or enhanced,

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Cybersecurity: Choosing the Right Framework for your Business or Organization

The threat of a cyberattack is ever present on executives’ minds, and cybersecurity is the  hot topic in governance circles. The issue facing executives is that many different standards and frameworks regarding cybersecurity have evolved, and each framework tends to be more widely adopted in certain parts of the globe.

Variations in Frameworks

In the U.S., the trust services principles established by the AICPA have emerged. This is the backbone of what is commonly known as a Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 report. The International Organization for Standardization,(ISO), is a globally recognized standard setter that has established benchmarks for quality for many different concerns and industries for over 70 years.

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Online Marketplace Seller Multi-State Sales Tax Amnesty Program – Apply by October 17, 2017

Online marketplace sellers can take advantage of a new multi-state tax amnesty program – if they apply by October 17, 2017.

Online marketplace platforms allow big and small companies to access a global market without incurring significant advertising or marketing costs. For those sellers that are looking to expand their customer base, using an online marketplace might be an attractive option.

Many sellers that utilize online marketplace providers also take advantage of marketplace providers’ order fulfillment services. Order fulfillment services help sellers avoid headaches by allowing them to take advantage of economies of scale. They do this by acting as an outside resource that maintains inventory,

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What Does the Paid Family Leave Act Mean for Your Small Business?

The Washington Legislature approved the paid family leave program on June 30, 2017 – but now what? What does the Paid Family Leave Act mean for your small business?

First, you may be wondering when it will become effective. The bill states that premiums need to be remitted beginning on January 1, 2019, and the benefits are available to participants beginning in 2020.

The bill also offers eligible workers up to 12 weeks of paid time off for birth, adoption, or for a serious medical condition. “Serious medical condition” refers to a condition that is afflicting either the worker, or the worker’s family (both fathers and mothers qualify following birth or adoption).

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Thoughts on Trust and Occupational Fraud in the Workplace

Trust is foundational to any relationship, both personally and professionally.  Trust is also something that needs to be nurtured over time, with the main ingredients being integrity, honesty and demonstration of respect. Lack of trust in the workplace can lead to a culture of backstabbing and paranoid suspicion, and perhaps even to the demise of a business.

But at the same time, trust has a dark side as well.  Too much trust can leave the door wide open for occupational fraud.

Picture the following:  An Accounting Manager (AM) for Firm X has been with the business for decades and is beloved by staff and management alike. 

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