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Posted by: Bob Heller

Taxpayers who do business both inside and outside of the State of Washington, and who earn revenue from performing services or licensing intangibles, are now required to complete an Annual B&O Tax “Reconciliation of Apportionable Income.” The form must be submitted to the Department of Revenue by October 31st of each year. Failing to file […]

Posted by: Joe Haberzetle

Come 2018, many not-for-profit organizations with unrelated business income (UBI) could either be smiling or groaning over the shift in their Oregon tax bills. Oregon recently followed the direction of many other states in attempting to collect more tax revenue from out-of-state businesses. The shift will come into effect through changes in how sales of services […]

Posted by: Troy Rector

As one of its final deliverables, the Council on Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR) issued updates to the Uniform Guidance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). In all, the updated FAQs includes 24 new FAQs and revisions of four existing FAQs. The FAQs have been issued and updated several times since the Uniform Guidance’s issuance, with the last update being […]

Posted by: Rene Schaefer

Is your business involved in creating intellectual property or process and product improvement? If so, you or your business may qualify for federal research credit cash incentives. What is the Credit Based On? The federal research credit is a wage-based program, which you can calculate by identifying the wages paid to employees who perform qualified research […]

We believe the answer to the above question is, quite simply, “Yes.” Perhaps the more relevant question is, “when and how will Blockchain technology become part of my daily reality?” This question is harder to answer. What is Blockchain Technology? Unless you are following, or using, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you may not […]

Posted by: Julie Eisenhauer

April 21, 2020 update: To provide accounting relief and clarity during the COVID-19 crisis, the FASB published an exposure draft with proposals to delay the effective dates for Leases (Topic 842). Find more information here. Last month, I wrote a synopsis of a recent Clark Nuber-sponsored real estate event. Many topics were covered by our esteemed panel; […]

Posted by: Megan Kuchan

Healthy financial habits that last a lifetime must start at an early age. Whether you have a kindergartner or “tween,” here are a few tips you can take to teach money and finance fundamentals to your children. Chores are your child’s first job If your child understands the difference between a nickel and a dime, then they […]

Organizations face complex risks each and every day – and not all of these risks are mitigated by insurance products. Risk managers face an increasing number of risks that, technically, are not insurable. While organizations can insure against natural disasters, loss of a key decision maker, or cyber-attacks; it’s much harder to minimize exposure for […]

Posted by: Sarah Huang

Just because something is called a donation, doesn’t mean it yields a charitable donor tax deduction. In fact, many charities offer programs wherein participants are required to make a “donation” prior to partaking. When trying to determine whether a donor can claim this payment as a deductible charitable contribution, one must evaluate all the facts. […]

Posted by: Julie Eisenhauer

By Julie Eisenhauer, CPA I recently had the good fortune of moderating a panel of real estate and cybersecurity experts on the challenges facing asset managers. Many thanks to the following for sharing their knowledge with us: Bill Pollard, Managing Principal at Talon Private Capital; Greg Duff, Owner of the law firm Garvey Schubert Barer; […]

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