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Figuring out charitable contributions can be a tricky thing – especially when it comes to your tax deductions. How do you determine if your cash donation is deductible? What about your noncash donation? For starters, to be a valid tax deduction, your donation must contribute to an eligible organization. An eligible organization can include a […]

By Guest Contributor Scott Severs CFA, CFP Selecting an investment advisor for an endowment portfolio can be a daunting task for many organizations. Some boards may feel that they lack the investment expertise to begin the process. Others may score high on the financial acumen scale, but either can’t agree on a strategy that makes sense, or […]

In today’s technology-driven climate, security breaches can damage your not-for-profit’s reputation, professional relationships, and sensitive internal controls. Website breaches, social media hacking, and email fraud can lead to inaccurate, and often embarrassing, misrepresentations of your organization. How can your organization protect itself against a security breach, or minimize damage, if one should occur? The key […]

Posted by: Sarah Wine

By Sarah Wine, CPA As we reported in part six of our Big Changes Coming for Financial Reporting of NFP Organizations, effective for fiscal years beginning on or after December 15, 2017, all not-for-profit (NFP) entities will be required to present expenses on a functional and natural classification basis. Following is a deeper dive into […]

Posted by: Bob Heller

By Bob Heller, JD, LLM It is common practice for nonprofit organizations to hold fundraisers to support the organization’s exempt purpose. But in a state such as Washington, which does not have an outright tax exemption for nonprofit organizations, the question becomes, what are the tax consequences to the fundraising organization? Washington taxes apply broadly […]

Posted by: Karen Dunn

By Karen Dunn, JD, LLM On February 22, 2017, the IRS released data regarding organizations that utilized the 1023-EZ from its inception in July of 2014, through December of 2016. To conduct their research, the IRS employed a streamlined, online process, which allowed them to collect data from over 105,000 organizations. The 1023-EZ data the […]

Posted by: Mitch Hansen

By Mitch Hansen, CPA, CMA, CFE In our ever-expanding digital world, many of us have had at least one of the following experiences: Being unable to login to your bank’s online banking system; Pop-ups or unexpected requests to change your password; Computer slows, locks up, reboots or won’t shut down; New toolbars or icons; Requests […]

Posted by: Bob Heller

By Bob Heller, JD, LLM Figuring out when and how a supplier should collect sales taxes in a drop shipment transaction is often a bewildering task. Generally, sales for resale are not subject to state and local sales taxes – provided that a purchaser supplies proper exemption documentation. As a result, wholesalers who deliver taxable […]

Posted by: Joe Haberzetle

By Joe Haberzetle, JD, LLM California nonresident investors have long complained about having to pay $800 annually in minimum corporate franchise tax or California LLC tax, merely for holding a passive investment in a California business and regardless of whether the investment generates income.  As it turns out, the law may have been on the […]

More than 263,000 Forms 990-EZ were filed with the IRS in 2016. Of those, 139,000 were paper filed. The IRS reports 30% of all paper-filed Forms 990-EZ had an error, while only 1% of electronically filed Forms 990-EZ had an error. In an effort to reduce the error rate on paper filed Forms 990-EZ, the […]

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