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Posted by: Clark Nuber Dec 6, 2018

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Posted by: Hillary Parker · Jul 27, 2018

In January 2018, Clark Nuber PS and the Leading Edge Global Alliance (LEA) released its 2018 National Manufacturing Outlook and Insights Survey.  LEA, of which Clark Nuber is a founding member, is the second largest international association of CPA Firms in the world, creating a high-quality alliance of 220 firms focused on accounting, financial and […]

Posted by: Amber Busch · Jun 13, 2018

By Amber Busch Although tax reform has been a topic of every business and personal conversation and fodder for endless stories in the media since the beginning of the year, there is something important that ASHA members need to know and it has nothing to do with tax reform. New rules were issued which completely […]

Posted by: Clark Nuber Apr 2, 2018

You can do something about tax reform. It is not too late to speak up and be heard about the adverse effects the new tax act has on tax exempt organizations. Unsure of what the impact is or what to say to your congressional representative or the IRS? Nationally acclaimed expert on tax exempt organizations […]

Posted by: Jennifer Mace · Dan Cassidy · Feb 27, 2018

by Ronan McGivern, Jennifer Mace, and Dan Cassidy In this article, we focus on the challenges that ecommerce poses for VAT. We will consider some inherent deficiencies in the existing EU VAT system, focusing on e-commerce, and look at the steps being taken by the EU to address these limitations in the current VAT legislation. […]

Posted by: Jennifer Mace · Dan Cassidy · Jan 8, 2018

by Ronan McGivern, Jennifer Mace, and Dan Cassidy In this article, the authors provide a primer on the operation of the VAT in the European Union, devoting particular attention to the distinction between supplies of goods and supplies of services as well as the role of the place of supply rules in determining if VAT […]

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