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Posted by: Clark Nuber Jul 7, 2020

We hope this letter finds you healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. As your organization continues to operate, consider some of the regulatory changes affecting not-for-profit organizations.

Donor Acknowledgement Letters

Please remember to send a contemporaneous written donor acknowledgment letter to all donors who contributed to the organization during the tax year.

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Posted by: Cheryl R. Olson · Jun 29, 2020

Making the Shift from Grantmaker to Changemaker

The Ford Family Foundation is one of the largest grantors in Oregon, with a mission of cultivating successful citizens and vital rural communities.

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Posted by: Jennifer Becker Harris · Jun 5, 2020

10/7/2020: This letter has been updated since its original publishing date to address changes in legislation and other trends impacting private foundations.

We hope this letter finds you healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.

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Posted by: Steve Vasconcellos · Mar 27, 2020


It’s common for many organizations to struggle with their cybersecurity operations. Security systems are typically implemented in silos and managers often wonder if they’re covering the full suite of best practices.

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Posted by: Vincent J. Stevens · Mar 24, 2020

Regional Healthcare Leader Enhances Financial Risk Management With Comprehensive Policy Review, Governance Assessment, and Training

When a routine annual audit uncovered some gaps in governance policies at a regional life sciences and healthcare nonprofit,

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