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Economic Impact Payments Arriving via Debit Card

As outlandish as this may sound, if you receive a debit card in the mail with a note saying it’s your stimulus payment, it may not be a scam.

The Treasury Department has recently confirmed it is distributing some Economic Impact Payments through prepaid debit cards mailed to taxpayers.

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FASB Votes to Delay the Effective Date of Revenue Recognition Standard, Topic 606

To provide accounting relief during the COVID-19 crisis, the FASB, in its board meeting held on May 20, 2020, approved the proposal to delay the effective date for Revenue Recognition,

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Tax Filing and Liability Payment Updates as of April 10

April 10 update: Expansion of key tax deadlines for individuals and businesses.

April 3 update: Action still needed for information returns and to delay scheduled automatic payments.

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Refunds for Transportation Benefits Tax: What You Need to Know

In December 2019, the unrelated business income tax on transportation benefits organizations provide to employees was retroactively repealed. Since then, not-for-profits have eagerly awaited IRS guidance on how to obtain refunds for amounts already paid toward this tax.

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Real World Examples of Occupational Fraud and What to Watch for

It may take two to tango, but it takes all three legs of the fraud triangle to commit occupational fraud, according to the research done by Donald Cressey in the 1950s.

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