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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting for Midsize Businesses – The Requirements

A recent SEC proposal, along with strong interest from enterprise companies, is resulting in many privately held companies calculating and reporting their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to major customers. With the pressure to mitigate the effect of GHG emissions on climate change,

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Clark Nuber PS Partners with LeaseCrunch

Clark Nuber is partnering with LeaseCrunch to assist organizations in implementing the new FASB lease accounting standard ASC, Topic 842.

LeaseCrunch is a cloud-based software solution that enables entities to more easily address the challenges created by the new lease standard,

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COVID-19 Funding Fraud Schemes

Government funding and relief programs during the COVID-19 pandemic helped many individuals and small-businesses stay afloat. However, some saw this as an opportunity to cheat the system and fraudulently take advantage of unemployment benefits,

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The Seattle Payroll Expense Tax – What You Need to Know

This article was originally posted on 8/19/2020. It has been updated to reflect news and updates as of 7/18/2022. 

7/18/2022 Update: In a July 18 message to members,

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Making an Impact in Your Community

Shareholder Amber Busch is well known around her community and Clark Nuber for giving her time to help others. We recently spoke with Amber about how she made volunteering a habit,

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