Ask Your CPA: Is My Entity Subject to Business Interest Limitations?

Too often when I ask CPAs or prospective clients if a particular company is subject to the interest limitation rules, I hear the quick answer: “No, the company is a small business and not subject.” However,

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Ask Your CPA: Would a Like-Kind Exchange Help Diversify My Real Estate Portfolio?

With housing prices softening and interest rates at all-time highs, now is a good time to consider creative strategies for diversifying your real estate portfolio. Like-kind exchanges present one such opportunity.

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Ask Your CPA: Should I Get a Cost Segregation Study on My Property?

Cost segregation is a popular tax strategy that real estate investors can use to accelerate their depreciation deductions, increase their cash flow, and reduce their federal and state taxes paid on rental income.

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Real Estate Investors: What to Ask Your CPA

With over 20 years of experience as a CPA, I have found the most successful client/CPA relationships are the ones where conversations occur throughout the year. Too often, people speak with their CPA only once a year,

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