Big Data, IT Controls, and Offsite Work: The Future of Auditing?

I’ve recently read many blog posts, news articles, and LinkedIn stories that seem to be trying to look into a crystal ball to see the future of auditing.

Some sources talk about changes to professional standards that would allow auditors to rely more on data analysis as direct audit evidence.

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Top 10 tips to prepare for a successful audit

By Sarah Wine, CPA

As an employee at a not-for-profit organization required to have an annual audit, you know that audit preparation and audit fieldwork can be overwhelming and time consuming.

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Comprehensive Revisions to the Not-for-Profit Entities Audit and Accounting Guide Could Have a Significant Impact on Your Organization

The AIPCA has completed its first comprehensive update to the Not-For-Profit Entities Audit and Accounting Guide since 1996. The updated guide, available now, includes changes to AICPA literature that stem from the Auditing Standards Board’s Clarity project and authoritative guidance from the FASB ASC Codification.

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Balancing Client Service and Auditor Independence

By Deby MacLeod, CPA

Having a good working relationship and receiving great client service – these are consistently the two most important criteria we hear from organizations when they’re selecting an auditor,

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