Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Reporting In-Kind Donations

By Sarah Wine, CPA

Depending on your organization, in-kind donations may be a primary portion of your revenue and mission, or they may play a minor role in the totality of your revenue.

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The Importance of IT General Controls in the Not-for-Profit World

I was recently at a not-for-profit (NFP) conference and asked audience members to stand up if they had received donations by cash on behalf of their organization. There was some murmuring,

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IRS Withdraws Proposed Donor Acknowledgement Rules

By Sarah Huang, CPA

Last September, the IRS issued a proposed regulation indicating Treasury would implement a new form for charities to report donations to the IRS.

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IRS Issues New Donor Acknowledgment Proposed Regulations – Benefit or Burden?

The IRS’s track record of disallowing charitable contributions has been dishearteningly successful over the past several years. The winning issue for the IRS is a technicality usually based upon flawed donor acknowledgment letters.

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Don’t Forget to Update Your Gift Acceptance Policy and Document Contributions

As we enter the fall season and the end of the calendar year, donors are preparing for the upcoming tax season and how they will be allocating donations to their charities of choice.

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