Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

During a recent meeting we had with an organization, we asked their director if they had assessed the cybersecurity of the personally identifiable information they obtained from donors and employees.

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Safeguard Your Organization: How to Build a Meaningful Information Security Policy


The Information Security Policy (IS Policy) is the most important security document of an organization. Ideally, it should serve as the guiding principle of an organization’s information security, providing structure and vision to ensure the organization can achieve its mission,

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Five Security Measures for a Limited IT Budget

There’s no amount of money you can throw at cybersecurity to create a 100%, hacker-proof environment. But even on a limited budget, there are still simple steps you can take to make your organization more secure.

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IT General Controls for Financial Statement Audits

As the pace of technology advancement increases, the information systems we rely on to record and store accounting information are growing in complexity and sophistication. Financial data can be dispersed over multiple systems or “sources of truth,” leading to inconsistencies or inaccuracies that may impact business decisions.

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SOC Reports: What Are They, and Why Should You Request One From Your Software Provider?

Is your software provider following best practices in keeping their data, and by extension your data, safe? A System and Organization Controls (SOC) report can help you determine how closely a third-party organization is adhering to federal guidelines on cybersecurity.

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