Leveraging COVID-19 for Family Business Succession Planning

For many businesses, COVID-19’s fallout has resulted in temporary shutdowns, furloughed workers, renegotiation of bank loans, and cloudy, diminished revenue backlogs. Yet despite these obstacles, there’s a real opportunity for family business leaders to take advantage of a reduced company valuation.

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Opportunities in Times of Crisis

It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial negative impact on businesses. Companies deemed non-essential have closed their doors, employees have been furloughed or laid off, supply chains have been disrupted,

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Peace, Love, and Family Harmony: Safeguarding the Long-Term Interest of Your Family Business

As a family business advisor, I often provide consultations on maintaining family harmony as the family successfully transitions the business from one generation to the next.

Various research has found that only 30% of family businesses transition successfully to the 2nd generation,

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Creating a Family Legacy

According to a study from Boston College in 2000, $41 trillion or more will pass from one generation to the next during the period of 1998 to 2052.1  This is based on life expectancy data and 2% real return on portfolios.

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