Four Options for Tax Deductible International Giving

这是一篇关于如果通过合法手段,使国外捐赠符合美国税收减免的文章。 阅读中文版本,请按这里

International giving is picking up steam among U.S. taxpayers. As such, there is an increasing need for philanthropic advisors to help U.S. taxpayers understand how they can make tax deductible charitable contributions to overseas causes.

For some domestic donors, it’s the desire to help the people affected by international disasters. Others want to alleviate the problems of poverty and deadly but preventable diseases. The United States is also home to many individuals who were born in a different country or who have family still residing outside of the U.S. Because of this, there is often a strong desire to donate to causes in their home countries.

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What Charities Should Know About Operating or Investing Abroad

By Jennifer Mace, CPA and Jennifer Becker Harris, CPA

U.S. charities are now more than ever diversifying their investment portfolios to include foreign investments, especially foreign program-related investments. They are also offering services on the ground in foreign countries with essential charitable programs.

Most charities are aware of the foreign bank account reporting obligations for those accounts and for individuals with signing authority over such accounts. What charities that invest or operate abroad may not be aware of is the complexity of the federal compliance issues that govern other foreign activities. These activities can involve making grants to foreign entities,

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