The Benefits of Having a CPA on Your Board

The not-for-profit board, or board of directors, is the legal governing body of a not-for-profit organization. The members of a not-for-profit board are responsible for understanding and enforcing the legal requirements of an organization.

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Building Strong and Effective Audit Committees

Not-for-profits may all have different missions, but a commitment to transparent and accurate financial reporting is something they all should have in common. Audit committees play a key role in providing governance and oversight of the financial reporting process.

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How to Become a Not-For-Profit Board Member

Since entering the professional world, it’s been an aim of mine to serve on the board of directors for a not-for-profit organization. I finally accomplished my goal in June 2019,

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5 Tips for Effective Not-for-Profit Board Oversight

This article originally appeared in the Journal of Accountancy ©2019 Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

In a way, board oversight has the same impact on a not-for-profit organization that parenting has on a child.

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Six Steps for Board Review of the Form 990

This is updated from an article that was originally published on 8/1/2017.

It is time again to prepare to file the Form 990. Calendar year returns for 2018 are due May 15 and may be extended to November 15.

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