Washington Sales Tax Exemption: Sales and Purchases by Not-for-Profits

Public policy favors not-for-profit organizations through various financial incentives. Although Washington is less generous than other states and the federal government in the taxation of not-for-profit organizations, it does provide for a few financial incentives,

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What to Know About Sales Tax on Layaways

This article was originally published on AccountingWeb, 12/7/2018.

As the holiday season approaches, your retail clients who offer a layaway option must know to accurately apply sales tax rules of their state to layaway purchases.

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Advice for Clients Selling or Buying Bulk Assets

This article was originally published on AccountingWeb, 5/29/2018.

In retail sales, at least one type of sales transaction where the application of sales or use tax isn’t obvious or always occurs is when a seller makes a bulk sale of all,

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Cloud-Based Services, Sales Tax, and the Slow March of Recognition

For accounting professionals and many of their clients, the software or other digital services they use daily are no longer stored on local hard drives or overheated servers stuffed in a back closet.

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States Looking at Internet Cookies for Additional Tax Revenue

To expand sales tax revenues, some states are now searching for and using the presence of Internet cookies dropped across state lines to add to their coffers.

These cookies are the colloquial expression for small snippets of software code stored on remote computers,

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