Is Your Organization Prepared for Washington’s New Nonprofit Corporation Act?

After 12 years of dedicated work driven by a committee of the Washington State Bar Association, the Washington State Legislature passed the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act in 2021. The Act (RCW Chapter 24.03A) takes effect on January 1, 2022 and contains many provisions of interest to nonprofit organizations. Below is a summary of these provisions.

Board of Directors and Officers

The Act provides rules for the board of directors and officers in a few key areas. For public charities, it establishes a minimum requirement of three board members. For all nonprofit corporations, board officers must include a president, secretary, and treasurer,

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Finders Keepers or Unclaimed Property Liability?

Most organizations do not realize that November 1st is a potential filing deadline in Washington. But, if your organization has an old employee paycheck sitting in a drawer, paid a check to a vendor that was never cashed, or has any other money or intangible property that is owed to an individual or business, you are likely the holder of unclaimed property.

Organizations are often unaware that they even have reporting responsibilities related to such property. There are two primary steps in evaluating whether your organization has unclaimed property to report. The first step is identifying what unclaimed property your organization holds.

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What a Not-for-Profit Organization Can Expect from a Washington State Tax Audit

Most organizations view the prospect of an audit by a federal or state taxing authority with trepidation, akin to the prospect of a root canal or a long weekend with the in-laws.  However, with the proper preparation and understanding of what the auditor needs to accomplish, much of this fear, loathing and dread can be removed from the equation. Here’s what you can expect from a Washington state tax audit and how best to prepare so that the process is as efficient and painless as possible.

When the Washington State Department of Revenue audits a not-for-profit organization, there are certain targeted objectives for which the auditor will review.

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