Practical Tips for Not-for-Profits at Year-End

The first month of the new year is always challenging with the many forms that need completing and the closing out of financial statements. Planning and preparation will provide your organization with peace of mind that you are ready for the financial requirements in 2021.

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New Year Planning for Not-for-Profits

Strategy and planning play a critical role in ensuring your not-for-profit’s financial goals align with the organization’s mission statement. As your not-for-profit prepares for 2020, here are essential financial planning items to consider:

Annual Reporting Requirements:

  • Verify that your state registrations are up-to-date and current.

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Year-End Tax Planning After the Election

By Anthony “Skip” Smith, CPA

Typical year-end tax planning advice expounds on the virtues of accelerating deductions and deferring income, where opportunities are both possible and economically viable.

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How Targeted Year-End Planning Will Help with Business Value Enhancement

By Julie Eisenhauer, CPA

Successful business owners invest time working on their business instead of in the business on a regular basis. Making the time to focus on business value enhancement,

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Don’t be dazed by the holidays – do your year-end tax planning now

By now everyone should have filed their 2012 business and individual income tax returns. Before we settle into the holidays, let’s not forget to do some basic year-end tax planning.

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