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There’s no amount of money you can throw at cybersecurity to create a 100%, hacker-proof environment. But even on a limited budget, there are still simple steps you can take to make your organization more secure. The following are five actions and policies you can implement on a budget to keep your sensitive information safer.

(We’ll assume you already have enterprise network firewalls and anti-virus protections in place. But if not, start there!)

Internal Security Policies

Internal security policies are a great first step for any organization operating on a shoestring budget. That’s because, for the most part, they’re free!

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought an unprecedented rise in the number of employees working from home. Unfortunately, with employees operating outside of their company’s usual cybersecurity set-ups, the situation offers plenty of opportunities for hackers to exploit poor digital habits and weak at-home security protocols. We recommend these best practices to keep your data safe while working from home:

Watch Out for Scammers Taking Advantage of COVID-19

While many of us view this crisis as a moment to come together and help one another, there are others who see an opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. Be aware of malicious actors and keep your guard up:

  • Only use mainstream apps/websites for COVID-19 tracking and information.

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