October 18, 2023

At Clark Nuber, we have a few conversations each year with company founders or their investors, convincing them to hold off on an audit of their financial statements. This seems counterintuitive, but our passion is helping our clients succeed. Executing an audit or even attempting to prepare full GAAP-compliant financial statements too early, in our view, improperly prioritizes where the company cash and time should be focused.

There is a time and place to start moving toward GAAP compliance, and we believe a staged approach makes the most sense. To help you visualize the process, we outlined an approach that is cost-effective and practical for many companies. Of course, every company and situation is different and needs to be carefully considered by qualified management and key advisors, but we believe our roadmap offers a helpful guide to the GAAP compliance areas your company should focus on at each stage of growth.

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