September 27, 2023

In the complex landscape of cybersecurity, businesses often find themselves confronting a plethora of security questionnaires from their clients. Managing these checklists can be overwhelming, especially when your organization is still maturing in its security infrastructure. This is where the expertise of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a robust background in information systems and cybersecurity can be invaluable.

A CPA’s Role in Navigating Cybersecurity Checklists

A CPA brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience that can help interpret and respond to security questionnaires. They understand the implications of each checklist item and can guide your team in providing comprehensive, compliant, and accurate responses.

Another significant advantage of engaging a CPA is their ability to assess your current security posture. They can conduct a comprehensive review of your existing policies, procedures, and controls; identify potential gaps or weaknesses; and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

Transitioning to System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports

CPAs can also produce a custom attestation report, commonly known as a System and Organization Controls (SOC) report. This objective and independent evaluation of your organization’s security controls showcases your commitment to data security to your clients.

A SOC report not only fulfills numerous requirements on a security questionnaire but also simplifies the process of responding to multiple checklists. Instead of answering a distinct checklist for each client, you can present them with the SOC report detailing your security controls along with the CPA’s opinion on their effectiveness.

In Summary

Engaging a CPA offers professional guidance and support in responding to cybersecurity questionnaires, easing the process, and enhancing the credibility of your responses. The ultimate goal is not just to complete items on a checklist but to ensure your organization’s data and systems are secure. A CPA can be a pivotal partner in achieving this goal.

Furthermore, the early engagement of a CPA paves the way for a smoother transition into SOC, providing a stepping stone for businesses that are not yet ready for this leap.

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