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Investment Planning: How to Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

By Frances Olson, CPA, Manager | Clark Nuber PS Introducing a little one to the family is a very exciting time. That said, there are some financial logistics to consider, before your bundle of joy arrives, that will help protect your family’s financial future. These are the not-so-fun topics that are crucial parts of parenting […]

How will the New Lease Accounting Standard Affect Your Debt Covenants?

After a long wait, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) approved the new lease accounting standard (Accounting Standards Update 2016-02 “ASU 2016-02”) in February 2016. For public companies, reporting requirements will come into effect for years beginning after December 15, 2018.  For all other businesses, these requirements will take effect for fiscal years beginning after […]

Washington Department of Revenue Annual Tax Incentive Reports and Surveys – New May 31 Due Date

By Nicole Lyons, CMI | Clark Nuber PS Taxpayers taking advantage of any one of the available State of Washington tax incentives – including tax deferrals, reduced B&O tax rates, exemptions, and credits – may be required to file an Annual Report or Annual Survey. Some incentives require that both the report and the survey […]

The Combined Reporting Trap for California Real Property Holders

By Chris Landry, CPA Owners and managers of multiple entity businesses holding California real estate investments may be surprised to learn that laws written almost 100 years ago can have a dramatic impact on their taxes. In the 1930s, California implemented special reporting rules for multiple entity business models.  The rules, reportedly targeting the movie industry […]

Kiddie Tax: How Best to Report Your Child’s Unearned Taxable Income

By Brandi Fruik, CPA MST | Clark Nuber PS Our high net worth clients often want to get their children interested in finance and investing at a young age. Along with this desire comes setting up brokerage accounts, which may produce taxable income to the child. There are two different ways to report your child’s […]

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