Developing News: 2014

By now you have likely heard about the new tangible property regulations. These new rules, which were a decade in the making and are almost 400 pages long, are expected to affect every taxpayer that uses tangible property in its business. The rules are complex and their impact is widespread. We at Clark Nuber are […]

NOTE: The information in this post was updated on October 13, 2015. Read the update. Many hotels, clubs, restaurants and similar establishments provide complimentary food, drinks and snacks to guests in a variety of contexts. However, the potential sales and use tax liabilities associated with complimentary meals and drinks are often overlooked. A recently published […]

Eminent domain – what does it mean?

The link light rail is currently planned to expand, extending east into Bellevue with long-term goals of extending to Lynnwood.   With the expansion of the link light rail, some owners are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory: their property or a portion of their property is being taken under eminent domain. What is eminent domain? It […]

What is deductible on my closing statement?

It’s no secret that the real estate market is heating up again. It’s easy to confirm this by the number of cranes I can see from Clark Nuber’s downtown Bellevue office. With the real estate market finally on the rebound, it’s a great time to consider selling or purchasing property. Spring is the highest residential […]

As our area continues to emerge from the economic downturn and our core locally based companies continue to add jobs to our community, new apartment and mixed-use developments are still a viable venture for real estate developers. The City of Seattle has created a program to encourage developers to increase the supply of multifamily housing […]

B&O Traps for Real Property Lessors

NOTE: The information in this post was updated on October 13, 2015. Read the update. Many owners of commercial or residential rental property in Washington are surprised to learn that they may owe business and occupation (B&O) tax to the state as a result of their rental activities. While revenues generated directly from the non-transitory […]

When was the last time you looked at your non-real estate holdings? If it has been more than a year (or you can’t remember), now is the time to dig out your statements and take a deeper look. There are new tax brackets and changes on how investment income is treated this year. Not only […]

Tax Extenders Act of 2013

For the past several months, CPAs everywhere have been patiently waiting to see if Congress would take action to extend the many tax savings provisions that were set to expire (and actually did) on December 31st. Like you, over the past several years we have gotten used to last-minute and even retroactive extensions of the […]

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