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Everything Old is New Again – Fraud Edition

Cybersecurity fraud is gaining momentum as a significant area of concern for business owners and leaders of not-for-profit organizations alike. And I strongly encourage you to examine your organization’s resilience to such threats. However, there’s still a lot “old-fashioned” fraud being perpetrated from within organizations, and a focus on cybersecurity shouldn’t diminish your focus on these more traditional schemes. This article will cover recent newsworthy frauds and how the perpetrators got away with it.

Fake Company – Similar Name

The executive director of a not-for-profit organization was indicted for stealing money from her employer, the Miss Florida Scholarship Program.

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Do you remember the old Pringles jingle, “Once you pop, you can’t stop”? The idea was that, once you got a taste of the sinfully salty snack, you’d be compelled to eat more and more. That same principle can apply to committing occupational fraud. Oftentimes, once an employee has committed one act of fraud, they’ll go on to perform further criminal acts.

Frauds in the News

The following are a few recent stories from the news about people carrying out more than one con job at their place of business:

The defendant in this indictment from Evansville, Wisconsin,

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