Form 990 Organizer

Our interactive tax organizer makes it easier for you to collect only the information you need to file a Form 990 without wading through questions and schedules that are not applicable.

Arranged in the same sequence that a tax return should be prepared, it starts with a series of questions that determine which information is required. Additional features include:

  • A Home Page that indicates which sections of the Core Form and Schedules that an organization must complete.
  • A progress indicator on each page shows how much of the form has been completed.
  • The roll forward feature automatically populates various sections of the organizer based on the prior-year organizer.*
  • The option to request permanent file documents from your client such as their IRS; Determination Letter, Form 1023, Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws.*
  • The option to include the complete Income Statement and Balance Sheet similar to Parts VIII and Part X of the Form 990.*
  • The option to include a complete or partial Functional Expense similar to Part IX of the Form 990.*
  • The option to include a book (financial statement) to tax return reconciliation similar to Part XI of the Form 990 and Parts XII-XIII of Schedule D.*
  • A tax-return-to-financial-statement reconciliation worksheet on the Functional Expense page, if applicable.
  • A “Help Me Decide” button to help organizations determine an individual’s position and whether they should be listed on Form 990, Part VII.A “reasonable effort” question to help determine whether the organization took the necessary steps to meet the requirements.
  • Added Explanation buttons throughout the organizer explain what type of information is required.

NOTE: The Form 990 Organizer includes pages for all related Form 990 schedules except Schedule H, Hospitals.

* This feature only available for CPAs.

Click here for a snapshot of the Tax Organizer.

Pricing (per organizer): Form 990 or Form 990-EZ Organizer – $250 each for use with the 2020 or 2021 Form 990.

Note: Washington Residents must add sales tax.

The pricing for the organizer may be negotiated when multiple templates are purchased by an organization.

Disclaimer: The Form 990 Organizer is compatible with Excel 2007, 2010 and 2016.  It may not be compatible with Mac programs, earlier versions of Excel (e.g. Excel 97 or 2003), or 64-bit Excel (in 2007 and 2010). In 2022, Microsoft anticipates releasing an Office product update that may effect the functionality of our Organizer workbook. If you experience any issues with our product, please reach out for assistance.

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