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July 21, 2023

Grantmaking Bundled Assessment

Grantmaking Bundle Assessment

Foundations have the opportunity to strengthen their infrastructure with a comprehensive assessment provided by Clark Nuber. Our three-in-one service bundle will provide you with a roadmap to improving your accounting software functionality, grant compliance process, and cybersecurity practices.

What We’ll Assess

Compliance Processes

Our grantmaking assessment is designed to give organizations peace of mind over their grantmaking compliance and help protect the organization from scrutiny by the IRS, state officials, or media.

The deliverable is a list of recommendations for best practices based on our experience with other organizations related to federal tax compliance for private foundations, sponsoring organizations of donor-advised funds, and international grantmaking.

Accounting/ERP Software

Through a high-level discussion with key finance staff, we will assist you in identifying potential gaps in your accounting/ERP system related to automating processes and integrating existing technology for the entire organization.

The deliverable is a list of any inefficiencies or areas that need to be followed up on in the accounting/ERP system functionality.


Cybersecurity remains a top risk identified for foundations. However, many organizations don’t know how to protect against these dangers. We will assist you by learning your current state of managing security, understanding your pain points, and planning out next steps.

The deliverable is an overview of potential weak points in your organization’s cybersecurity practices.

Connect with Us

Our three-service bundle is customizable to fit the individual needs of your foundation. To learn more about how this service package can strengthen your organization, contact us through the form below: