Arts and Recreation

With your organization focusing on the color and activity of life, it can be difficult to draw yourself away from your mission and focus on the financial nitty-gritty. Where do you find the time and resources to deliver on your promises while attending to important financial matters?

Chances are your board members hail from a private corporate environment, and they expect high-quality governance. Clark Nuber provides comprehensive financial review services to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Our analyses help you determine if your current funding mix is the right one to (1) meet your future goals and (2) help you weather the unique business cycle of an arts or recreation organization.

In addition to providing audit and tax services, we can apply our expertise and:

  • Analyze your accounting processes and internal controls to identify potential issues before they become crises.
  • Offer a comprehensive set of cutting-edge software and reporting tools especially for not-for-profit organizations and help implement these efficient, easy-to-use systems.
  • Provide education and information services, keeping management and board members up-to-date on federal and state legislative issues.

Our firm is the leading accounting firm for not-for-profits in our region. We have an extraordinarily broad range of clients. By drawing on our legacy of service to arts, recreation, and community organizations, our professionals can ensure that your mission of serving the public is fulfilled today and tomorrow.

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