Family Business

Business and family can be two of the most rewarding fields of human endeavor. They can also be some of the most challenging. Put them together and the complexities multiply. Your business success means so much more when it impacts the ones you care about. This creates a host of issues that publicly held companies simply don’t face.

That’s why family businesses need accountants and business consultants who truly understand their unique characteristics. At Clark Nuber, we serve family-owned businesses and the family units that run them with equal focus and dedication.

Whether you want to expand your revenue base, keep more of your revenue, or need a plan to keep the business thriving for the next generations, rest assured that we’ve helped others do the same many times.

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We selected Clark Nuber because they work with a lot of private, closely-held businesses like ours and have other well-respected clients in the HVAC industry. Clark Nuber has more expertise and diversification than the smaller firms, and we get more attention from them than we would from the bigger firms. They’re responsive and professional and conduct themselves as our partners.

Jeff Garber

Chief Financial Officer,
Sunset Air