What your foundation does is vitally important. Delivering on your mission while growing endowments and meeting the requirements of increased government scrutiny can be a challenge. How do you balance your time and resources to manage all aspects of your organization?

Clark Nuber has broad experience with foundations of all kinds and provides services to meet your accounting, tax, and audit needs. Whether your primary purpose is making grants, developing community, or conducting educational, religious or other charitable activities, we help you achieve your goals.

Our professionals help you by providing:

  • Guidance on which charitable vehicle meets your needs (private foundation, private operating foundation, public foundation or donor advised funds and supporting organization)
  • Accounting services
  • Support with board development and education
  • Advice on excise tax on net investment income
  • Federal tax diagnostics
  • Grant file documentation and taxable expenditure penalty abatement services
  • Grant-making (including expenditure responsibility grant-making) services
  • Self-dealing guidance
  • Tax compliance and planning
  • Software solutions and training

Foundation Solutions Powered by Foundation Source

We are proud to be associated with Foundation Source, the nation’s leading provider of support services for private foundations. Its comprehensive online management tools allow you to focus on your foundation’s mission rather than on back-office tasks. Foundation Source provides a single place to keep track of tax records, articles of incorporation and other materials. Their large database of charitable organizations, combined with automated grant documentation and payment, makes granting easy. Together, Clark Nuber’s tax services and Foundation Source’s innovative foundation management tools provide an unbeatable solution. Foundation Source Login

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Clark Nuber brings a level of expertise and service that is hard to match. We have some complicated issues and we are a fast moving organization. Besides being technically of the highest quality, in terms of understanding the changing laws and IRS regulations, they bring an element of creativity, intellectual rigor and responsiveness that I am very satisfied with.

Craig Stewart

Apex Foundation

They consistently meet our expectations and raise the bar for themselves. When our foundation pursued its first program related investment, we were impressed by the extra attention they paid to due diligence. The high level of service and longevity of their staff differentiates them from other providers. In a word, Clark Nuber is invaluable.

Richard Woo

Former Chief Executive Officer,
The Russell Family Foundation