Life Sciences

Your company serves both public good and private interest. Legal and regulatory hurdles, diverse funding sources, long-term return-on-investment and time-to-market scenarios, large capital flows, and the need for transparency and high ethical standards all combine to create a web of daunting financial complexity.

How do you comply with legal and administrative requirements without draining your resources?

Clark Nuber knows that your mission is always critical, and we can help you fulfill it. We can help you discover cost-effective solutions for your audit, tax, and financial analysis needs.

Having partnered with many local and regional life sciences firms, we know the challenges you face. We work closely with you to identify appropriate grants that could help you obtain millions of dollars in additional funding.

In addition to general accounting services, we can help you:

  • Obtain federal awards and contracts
  • Address funding-related compliance issues
  • Prepare indirect cost proposals for government and other contractors
  • Manage federal and state tax incentives and credits
  • Manage Single AuditsĀ and NIH SBIR audits and compliance
  • Set-up financing and establish accounting systems and controls
  • Prepare for mergers and acquisitions

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