Real Estate

Buying, developing, managing, holding, and selling—every step in the real estate investment process is an opportunity to make or lose money. What if you could have professional advice to guide your decisions and investments?

With sophisticated tax strategies and smart financial analysis, Clark Nuber can help you come out on top in your real estate dealings. Whether you are a real estate professional or simply wish to take advantage of the tax and diversification benefits of real estate ownership, we offer a full palette of services to help you get the most from your property.

In addition to managing weekly, month-end, and year-end accounting matters, we provide advice on complex matters including:

  • Tax-efficient entity structures for real estate transactions
  • Sophisticated partnership and LLC agreements
  • Tax deferral transactions
  • Estate planning and estate tax reduction
  • Excise tax reduction
  • Low income housing and rehabilitation tax credits
  • Philanthropic real estate transfers
  • Passive activity deductions
  • HUD financial statement audits
  • Contingent rental fee audits
  • Buy/sell financial modeling

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Clark Nuber is well diversified in terms of the services it offers, which satisfy the long-term needs of my company. Those services are provided by professionals with a high degree of expertise, who take a very relationship-based approach with us. I have found that Clark Nuber takes care of their employees, who in turn take great care of their clients. The company walks its talk in terms of values towards its employees and clients.

Nancy Scholl

Chief Financial Officer,
Wright Hotels, Inc

Rowley Properties’ experience with Clark Nuber has been extremely positive. They have handled both our taxes and our reviewed statements over the years, as well as provided assistance with a few estate planning and business research projects. The quality of the work they produce is very high and they have consistently met deadlines. They have a great team working for them — everyone we work with seems to take a personal interest in our business, is knowledgeable, pleasant to talk with and always willing to help and answer questions. I consider them a valued part of our team and a direct contributor to our achievements.

Julie LaPrarie

VP, Accounting,
Rowley Properties, Inc.