We are pleased to announce that Clark Nuber has been presented with Boomer Consulting’s 2015 Bridging the Gap award for Technology and Firm Management Project, recognizing our work overhauling our Form 990 Questionnaire.*

There are certain transactions or disclosures on the Form 990 that are related to “interested persons” (current and former board members, key personnel and others the IRS deems as insiders to the organization).  Often, organizations are not privy to this information; therefore, the IRS requires organizations to exercise reasonable efforts to obtain the necessary information, which can include a questionnaire.  Last year, we collaborated with HKMP Technologies to customize their tool, Amelio, to update our existing Form 990 Questionnaire. The result: an online, cloud-based tool that can be accessed from most any device, enabling interested persons and organizations to easily identify the necessary Form 990 disclosures. For more information about our Form 990 services and products, visit our website. Read our recent article on Form 990 Sunshine Rules to learn more about Form 990 reasonable efforts

*The Form 990 Questionnaire content was created by Clark Nuber PS and Eve Rose Borenstein, LLC