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Posted by: Matt Medlin · Oct 4, 2016

THE POPULAR NOTION of tech startups has two stages: a great idea and a spectacular payoff. In reality, tech startups have a lot of work to do between those points.

For most startups that reach maturity, there are six distinct stages, each with specific needs in terms of growing internal competencies, building an adviser team and creating a scalable infrastructure to support growth and get to the finish line — whether that’s running as a profitable standalone business, going public or being acquired. Read the entire article here.

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Posted by: Matt Medlin · Sep 25, 2015

STARTUP ENTREPRENEURS are right to focus their time and energy on creating the great products and services that will build a company to its best exit point, whether it’s an initial public offering (IPO) or a strategic acquisition. However, they should also understand how operational matters can affect a company’s attractiveness to buyers, public or private. Read the entire article. 

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Posted by: Matt Medlin · Jul 16, 2015

Thanks to digital technology, the world just keeps getting smaller. It’s easier than ever for companies to develop business and sell products outside the United States. Companies should definitely consider every opportunity to profit abroad, but they need to get the right advice from the beginning to understand the risks and how to manage them effectively. Here are three areas companies often overlook in their rush to profit from the global economy. Read the entire article here.

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Posted by: Matt Medlin · Oct 28, 2014

Originally published in Seattle Business Magazine, this article focuses on 5 things startups can do when considering funding alternatives.

It’s one of the most exciting times in any entrepreneur’s life: you’ve got a great product and a solid business plan. You can attract customers and generate revenue. Now you’re ready to bring investors on board. Maybe you’ve even gotten some interest from a few. It’s time to break out the champagne, right?

Not so fast. Getting to the funding stage is a tremendous milestone, but it’s also the point at which many startups take a wrong turn. Click  to read the entire article.

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