September 25, 2019

By: Cheryl R. Olson, CPA, CGMA and Diane Shey, CPA

If you use (and enjoy) the MIP Fund Accounting software solution, it may be time to look at adding functionality to your existing system to extend your investment. Here are four suggestions:

DrillPoint Reports

DrillPoint Reports, released a few years ago, allows you to create Excel reports that are linked to your live data, giving report readers the ability to drill down to the detail. The module allows you to use the powerful Excel features to present your data and add ratios, graphs, and other more advanced Excel features to improve the presentation of your financial data. A few of the key features include:

  • Integrates Microsoft Excel directly with MIP Fund Accounting in real-time
  • Conducts what-if analysis for better reporting presentations
  • Drills down directly from Microsoft Excel to specific transactions for more detailed information
  • Creates custom financial statements that can include borders, graphics, your organization’s logo and other personal touches

MIP Cloud

In March, Community Brands announced the launch of a significant set of new cloud capabilities for the MIP Fund Accounting software. MIP is available in your choice of deployment, based on your organization’s unique needs, and you have the choice to switch if or when you are ready.

When deciding if it is time to move to the cloud some considerations include:

  • The organization already is using cloud-based applications and/or has a cloud strategy
  • Prefer a web-based, modern user interface (UI)
  • Has reliable internet connectivity
  • Staff are in multiple locations versus co-located
  • Staff need access anytime, anywhere


This is a third-party authorized software development partner for MIP Fund Accounting Software that includes multi-level approval process, reporting to Microsoft Excel, email notifications, and seamless integration with MIP. Microix provides add-on modules that can extend the current functionality in the software. It offers popular workflow solutions in the following areas:

  • Requisitions
  • Purchasing
  • Invoice approval
  • Inventory
  • Budgeting
  • Timesheets

Functional Needs Assessment

When an organization has determined it’s time to change or purchase new technology, it may not know the functional requirements that are needed in selecting vendors. Using a process of interviews and a survey, Clark Nuber can help identify if the existing software system(s) are meeting the needs of today and into the future and, if not, we can help guide the process of identifying the key requirements needed in new technology for the entire organization.


  • More information on/demonstration of the MIP DrillPoint module, MIP Cloud, or Microix: Diane Shey at
  • Functional needs assessment or other accounting software, including third-party integrations with your existing system: Cheryl Olson at