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Security Overview

Clark Nuber is committed to safeguarding the information that our clients have entrusted to us. Our goal in securing Clark Nuber facilities, systems, and information is to strike the correct balance between operational efficiency and protection against intrusion and theft.

The security of our client data is very important to us. We require and implement industry standard safeguards and use commercially reasonable efforts designed to secure data in-transit (communications) and at-rest (storage). Where appropriate, we use third-party hosted services that we believe provide the same level and reliable security protections for our client data as our own organizational data. By using third-party hosted services, we gain the expertise of larger organizations for the management of backend infrastructure and security.

Our security model integrates internal security policies and procedures with both a managed security solution and an autonomous security platform, providing multiple layers of protection, increasing overall security, and reducing risk. In addition, as the threat landscape is constantly changing, our employees are required to complete an annual security refresher training as well as monthly security awareness trainings to keep them up-to-date and informed on current security threats.

We maintain a security compliance program that includes independent third-party assessments comprising continuous monitoring of external vulnerabilities, dark web monitoring, annual network penetration testing, periodic internal security assessments, and continuous review and modifications to our security program as the threat landscape changes.

Although we implement safeguards designed to protect your information, no security program can ensure complete security due to the inherent nature of the Internet and digital technologies in general. We cannot guarantee that your information, during transmission through the Internet, our enterprise network, systems, applications, third-party hosted services, and applications or while stored on any of our systems, including third-party systems, will always remain secure from intrusions. However, we strive to minimize risk as much as possible and hold security as one of our top priorities in every business decision.

We all have a shared responsibility for helping to protect the security of your data. Please ensure any accounts you use with Clark Nuber is protected with a long complex password that is unique to the system and enable multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

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