Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

Information is power. Think of how efficiently your organization could run if you knew where the risks and opportunities were.

Clark Nuber goes beyond the numbers to provide you financial statement assurance, audits, and compliance that truly benefit your company. We approach financial statements not simply as snapshots of your business at a given point in time but as resources that tell you where risks and opportunities lay.

We offer four different levels of financial statement assurance:

  • Agreed-upon Procedure – looks at only specific pieces of a financial statement or control system, usually to fulfill the request of a specific user group, bank or other financing source.
  • Compilation – includes the compiling of financial information into a formal financial statement, without verification of or opinions about the resulting document.
  • Review – provides limited assurance and includes analytical procedures, inquiries and industry-wide comparisons.
  • Audit – provides the highest level of financial assurance by requiring outside confirmation of information and testing of transactions.

We also provide:

  • Not-for-Profit Audits – As one of the largest providers of audit, accounting and tax services to not-for-profits in Washington State, we provide financial statement, government “yellow book” and Single Audits for all types of not-for-profit organizations. In fact, we perform more Single Audits of Washington State entities than any other CPA firm.
  • Retirement Plan Audits – Our retirement plan audits include “full scope” and “limited scope” engagements and our clients have plans ranging from $300,000 to over $1.0 billion in assets. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, we are 1 of only 94 CPA firms in the nation that audit over 100 plans.
  • Private Foundation Audits – Founders or boards who want to know that funds are being managed and spent appropriately and that internal controls are up to the latest standards increasingly request audits. Clark Nuber can help you prevent mismanagement or fraud while maintaining all necessary confidence and discretion
  • Forensic Accounting – Whether you have been victimized by fraud or theft or have just let the records get a little out of control, we can help. We work to reconstruct the financial records to identify and quantify what has happened or what went wrong.
  • Internal Control Reviews – Grant compliance, valuation, vendor and customer relationships and strategic flexibility are all affected by how you choose to monitor finances and regulatory compliance inside your organization. Clark Nuber can help you identify and solve potential problems before they compromise the health of your business.


The Clark Nuber team has been so helpful in our year-over-year engagements. They have always been cognizant and respectful of timelines and provide a fantastic auditing service that does not disrupt our workflow internally. They are efficient, yet thorough. I have no hesitation in recommending Clark Nuber for auditing support.

Kate Callahan

Account Director,
Cinco Design

The Hutch chooses Clark Nuber for their deep expertise and commitment to not-for-profits. They have been our go-to firm for advisory services related to complex accounting, tax and federal compliance issues. They helped us streamline our financial statements and schedule of expenditures of federal awards, saving us a significant amount of prep time each year and making them more readable and useful to our donors and stakeholders. In terms of tax compliance, it gives me peace of mind knowing that Clark Nuber is known nationally for its not-for-profit practice.

Chris Bundesmann

Corporate Controller,
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

We selected Clark Nuber because they work with a lot of private, closely-held businesses like ours and have other well-respected clients in the HVAC industry. Clark Nuber has more expertise and diversification than the smaller firms, and we get more attention from them than we would from the bigger firms. They’re responsive and professional and conduct themselves as our partners.

Jeff Garber

Chief Financial Officer,
Sunset Air