Business Value Enhancement

Think of your business as an engine. Its gears, or departments and team members, work together to produce outputs, such as revenue and profit. But how can you determine the value of your company engine without quantifying its productivity?

Clark Nuber can help quantify the durability, sustainability, and efficiency of your business engine through our business value enhancement tool, CoreValue®.

Using sophisticated algorithms, CoreValue evaluates the value of intangibles, such as company brand and ingenuity. This helps you determine how well your business engine will continue to produce at, or above, its current rate.

How it Works:

By combining industry transaction data, your CoreValue Rating, and your financial performance; CoreValue’s algorithms produce actionable reports about your company’s brand, customer satisfaction, and margin average.

Step 1: Discover. After you provide some basic information about your company, we will walk you through 18 introductory questions—one question for each of the 18 core business drivers. This initial assessment takes as little as 15 minutes.  At the end of this process you will receive a Core Value Rating and specifics on value-enhancement opportunities.

Step 2: Identify improvements—unlock. Dive deeper into each value driver by taking a closer look. After completing this step, you can review your reports, tackle your task list, and start entering valuable data into your company’s vault.

The Benefit to You:

Evaluation. As you answer questions about your company, CoreValue’s algorithms quantify the durability, sustainability and efficiency of your business on a scale from zero to 100. The higher your score, the greater probability that your business will generate future revenue and profit.

Identify strengths and address weaknesses. Think of CoreValue as a “body scan” for your business—allowing you to identify weaknesses and quantify the value of addressing each weakness. CoreValue will suggest tasks for improving your business and identify which tasks give you the best value.

Help grow your business value. CoreValue can help you understand how well the intangible aspects of your business are functioning. It then gives you the language to communicate the value of those aspects to your senior managers, board of directors, bank, and investors.

Determine if it’s time to transfer ownership. CoreValue will estimate your enterprise value, potential value, and value-depleting drivers. Providing transparency into your business’ strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement will enable you to sell or transfer your business more successfully.

Ready to take the next steps? Access our secure CoreValue Client Portal here. Once you’ve accessed the portal, you will be invited to enter some basic information and answer some questions about your business. If you prefer, one of our professionals can get you started over the phone, or meet with you in person. Either way, we believe that you will benefit from the experience. let’s get started!