Charitable Gift Planning

You would like to see a portion of your assets go toward making the world a better place. How do you maximize the income and estate tax benefit of your charitable contributions? 

Clark Nuber’s respected experts can help. As one of the nation’s largest providers of accounting services for charitable organizations, including private and public foundations, we can help you maximize the financial value of your giving. Our vast experience with not-for-profit organizations combined with our powerful business consulting approach makes for an unparalleled service.

Many high-net-worth individuals use their prominence in the community as well as their business acumen to enhance not-for-profit organizations by serving as board members. If you are such an individual, whether your interest is in arts and recreation, social services or community development, Clark Nuber can help the organization you serve by:

  • Providing audit and tax services
  • Helping develop governance standards and internal controls
  • Delivering education and board development expertise

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