Federal Grant and Contract Consulting

Single Audit

We perform a large number of Single Audit [Uniform Guidance, Subpart F] engagements each year; in fact, we perform more than any other CPA firm in the State of Washington. Our Single Audit clients span a large variety of sectors and types of federal awards. We are committed to Single Audit Quality, evidenced by our membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s Government Audit Quality Center.

Uniform Guidance

The Office of Management and Budget’s new Uniform Guidance represents the largest change in 30+ years to federal grant compliance requirements. Many organizations are already receiving federal awards that are subject to the new Uniform Guidance requirements but need help in learning the new requirements and making needed changes to existing systems and policies.

Because the Uniform Guidance combines many formerly disparate regulations, it can be challenging to figure out what has changed and how your organization is affected. Are you behind in learning the new Uniform Guidance or want a gut check on whether you have considered all of the significant changes? Future federal funding could be at stake if organizations stumble through implementation. In addition, organizations may be missing out on opportunities now available as a result of the changes.

We can help. We offer a suite of services to assist clients with assessing their current federal compliance policies and procedures and identifying gaps and necessary changes to comply with the new Uniform Guidance. We have created a unique service and tool to perform a Uniform Guidance Readiness Assessment. The assessment involves reviewing the organization’s existing grant and fiscal policies, conducting inquiries of staff members, reviewing other federal grant documentation, and using our Uniform Guidance Readiness Assessment tool to identify needed changes and best practice recommendations.

At the end of the project, a customized summary is provided, identifying those key action steps needed by the organization to bring existing federal grants management policies and practices into compliance with the Uniform Guidance.

We offer various levels of services, ranging from the full Uniform Guidance Readiness Assessment to training for your staff, based on the needs of your organization.

For more information on our services or the readiness assessment tool, contact Troy Rector or call him at 425-454-4919.

Indirect Cost and Other Advisory Services

We offer indirect cost proposal advisory and training services. We have spent many years guiding not-for profit organizations and for-profit life science companies through the indirect cost proposal preparation and negotiation process. New opportunities associated with indirect cost recovery in the Uniform Guidance have renewed focus on this very important area. Our approach is an educational one, providing education and templates to assist with preparing and negotiating a federal indirect cost rate. We are there throughout the process as you face questions and decisions.

We also use our federal grant and contract compliance expertise to provide the following advisory services:

  • SBIR grant audits and program-specific audits
  • Special-purpose overhead audits
  • Outsourced grants accounting
  • Grant management consulting
  • Federal grant and contract issues-based advisory services
  • Subrecipient monitoring and support in designing a subrecipient monitoring program

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