IRS Audits and Controversies

Do you have delinquent tax returns or undeclared foreign accounts? Are you trying to cope with a tax return audit? Don’t face the IRS alone.

At Clark Nuber, we have the experience to guide you through a stressful situation. Our professionals have real-world knowledge to assist individuals and organizations with civil or administrative tax controversies. We understand how to talk to the IRS and negotiate on your behalf, helping to minimize penalties, save you time, and let you stay focused on what matters most.

If you’re working with your own legal counsel or accounting professionals, we can supplement your team with our specialized expertise. Services include:

  • Voluntary Disclosures: The U.S government is aggressively pursuing U.S. taxpayers with noncompliant financial accounts in foreign countries. Programs are available to reduce the penalties for those who voluntarily disclose these holdings. We have helped many clients navigate the voluntary disclosure process with foreign banking, investments, trusts, real estate holdings, and other assets—bringing them into compliance and minimizing financial losses.
  • Offers in Compromise: This formal administrative process can help reduce your tax bill by enabling you to request a settlement based on your financial status. We have created successful Offers in Compromise for clients in a wide range of circumstances.
  • Audits and Appeals: Nobody wants to get audited by the IRS—but if you do, having a CPA who has been through the process before can make it a lot less painful. We can also help you analyze and appeal the results of an audit after the fact.
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties: If your business withholds payroll taxes from employees but fails to pay them to the federal government, company principals and even employees can be held personally liable for the deficiency. We can help you minimize these penalties and avoid having them levied against individuals who should not bear the responsibility.
  • Delinquent Returns: Whether you are preemptively filing delinquent returns or being pursued by the IRS, you need a CPA who understands the process. We know how to work with the authorities to help you maximize your deductions, reach a settlement on taxes and penalties owed, and avoid being taxed on your gross income. Delinquent returns are frequently audited by the IRS—we can get you through it.
  • Tax Collections: If your tax bill has entered collections, we can help you manage the payment process, put forth a defensible payment plan that works for you, and reduce penalty assessments.
  • Claims for Refund: Sometimes a tax controversy works in your favor—but you still need an aggressive advocate to help you amend your return, maximize your refund, and make your case to the IRS.
  • Amended Returns: With tax law constantly in flux, and statues of limitations constantly counting down, you may have to file an amended return to receive a refund or settle a tax liability. Clark Nuber can help you navigate this process.

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