Retirement Plan Audits

Implementing a retirement plan for employees can be one of the most rewarding decisions an organization can make. Retirement plans help employers attract and retain talent as well as provide savings vehicles for employees as they build for their futures.

There are also important responsibilities that come with managing retirement plans, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations. As a result, federal law generally requires that plans with 100 or more participants have an audit. Firms that conduct a few audits cannot afford to spend the time training to keep current on regulations and have limited experience understanding what to look for before and during a retirement plan audit engagement. This is where we can help.

With Clark Nuber, you’d be engaging highly skilled professionals with the experience to back it up. According to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor, Clark Nuber’s retirement plan audit practice is the 54th largest in the United States. In total, we audit over 300,000 participants with over $17 billion in plan assets.

Some of the advantages of using Clark Nuber are:

  • Front Loaded Audits – The first phase of the audit is done internally in our office so when we visit your location we already have spotted and highlighted issues. This better uses your time and minimizes disruption to your operations.
  • Efficient Processes – Our investment in benefit plan audit training, the volume of audits we conduct, and our experience in this audit niche have created efficient and cost-effective methods, which translates to a high quality, competitively priced engagement.
  • Secure File Protection – We use a secure web portal to safely transfer and store your confidential records.

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