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Technology & Changing Business Structure

Technology is continually transforming every aspect of your business, including its accounting. When your organization experiences growth or changes to the business, it should be supported by its infrastructure, not suffering because of inefficient, outdated software.

However, as many organizations change to accommodate rapid growth, they end up implementing inefficient workarounds to accomplish tasks that their ERP system should manage independently. Before long, organizations may begin defaulting to tedious or inaccurate methods to meet deadlines, close the books, or provide basic reports to stakeholders.

Producing low quality deliverables, rather than the strategic management reports clients expect, can lead to lost clients and reputational damage.

Making the Move to a New ERP System

With over 20 years of software implementation experience, Clark Nuber understands that changing to a new ERP system is a big decision. With that in mind, we employ a collaborative approach to assisting organizations by identifying software requirements, evaluating solutions, and teaching them how to implement new software, so it will meet or exceed their needs.

This approach provides our clients with the information and support that are necessary when navigating important changes in organization structure. Our technology specialists are CPAs first, which means we have an in-depth understanding of business needs and stakeholder expectations. Clark Nuber can provide an implementation and training process that is seamless and has a proven track record of success.

Clark Nuber Can Help

Clark Nuber offers a technologically advanced training center with certified, nationally-recognized trainers. We provide trainings, host user group meetings, provide accounting system evaluations, and conduct sales demos. We also provide complimentary demos for all of our products.

Some of our software solutions are as follows:

  • Sage Intacct Software is the leader in customer satisfaction and the first and only preferred cloud provider by the AICPA for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Learn more >
  • MIP Accounting Software by Community Brands, Microix, and Sage Fixed Assets Software are award-winning accounting software programs that provide add-on modules, fundraising, and fixed asset solutions for nonprofit organizations. Learn more >
  • Functional Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis: Selecting new software can be a daunting task without a current system functional needs assessment and gap analysis in hand, which helps you identify the most important requirements in new software and compare them to your existing system. With these assessments, organizations can begin the software selection process with a solid understanding of the functionality that matters most. As a result, they can make a software selection that addresses the organization’s specific core needs, without being distracted by software features. Learn more >
  • To learn more about our other IT Servicesread more >

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What we like about using Sage Intacct is that it seems like a system that was made by accountants for accountants. It handles intercompany transactions seamlessly and integrates with other accounting software such as WF payment manager and Concur. On top of all that, it is user friendly and responsive and will save us a lot of time. Everything about Clark Nuber’s implementation – project milestones, training, and transition support – was clearly defined, thorough and informative.

The Accounting Team,
Rudy's Barbershop

The team at Clark Nuber PS were invaluable in leading us through the MIP Software implementation process. They helped us tremendously with our complex reporting requirements as well as the development of our chart of accounts. They even had the forethought to recommend setting up an extra segment that we were able to utilize later.

Matthew Poth

Director of Finance,
Washington STEM

I appreciated the collaborative problem-solving Clark Nuber brought to implementing our new Sage Intacct accounting software. They really got to know our organization and suggested creative solutions to meet our specific needs.

Jennifer Mitchell

The Ford Family Foundation