State, Local, and Multistate Tax

Determining filing requirements, and identifying and taking advantage of tax incentives, deductions, and exemptions is a common challenge across all taxpayers. How do you meet your obligations while maximizing opportunities for savings?

Our SALT experts have extensive experience helping our clients with multistate income, franchise, and sales tax issues. We work with clients to determine filing requirements, identify and take advantage of tax incentives, develop advantageous income tax apportionment strategies, and determine the sales taxability of transactions.

Some ideas on how we can assist you include:

  • Business and occupation tax consulting and review – Both for-profit business and not-for-profit entities can reduce their Washington state and local B&O tax liability by taking full advantage of available credits, deductions, and exemptions.
  • Sales and use tax consulting and review – We help determine whether you should be collecting sales tax on any sales of goods or services you make. We also help identify exemptions to avoid costly overpayments. We have helped clients recover millions of dollars in sales and use tax refunds.
  • Multistate income, franchise, and sales tax planning and consulting – Are you operating in more than one state? We help clients identify and mitigate exposure to other states’ income, franchise and sales taxes, evaluate alternative apportionment and tax filing methods, and assist with implementation of tax efficient business realignment.
  • Audit representation – We have helped clients achieve successful audit outcomes by working proactively with auditors to minimize business disruption, manage audit scope and duration, constructively resolve issues, and when necessary, pursue administrative appeals. We can help lessen the anxiety associated with a state tax audit.
  • Property tax consulting and review – We can help you reduce your personal property taxes by reviewing your current personal property tax affidavits and amending prior affidavits, as necessary. We can also help not-for-profits secure applicable property tax exemptions and advise on how to maintain and protect the exemption once it is received.

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